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Behind the Brand: Interview with Nicola Simmons of Phytomer


Your skin never feels as good as it does after a visit to a spa but one brand that promises to translate this experience to the comfort of your own home is Phytomer. Since its launch it has become one of our most popular ranges so to find out more about this exciting brand, we spoke to Phytomer’s Training and Sales Manager Nicola Simmons about her favourite products, top skin care tips and must-have ingredients to achieve complexion perfection.

Effortless Skin: Could you give us a brief history of Phytomer?

Nicola Simmons: Phytomer has been around for over 40 years and was the first skin care brand to recognise the benefits of using marine ingredients in their formulations. Now it is sold worldwide in over 80 countries and offers a range of products for every skin concern as well as effective in-spa treatments.

Marine extracts, specifically Oligomer, form the basis of all Phytomer products – what makes these ingredients so effective?

Marine sourced ingredients such as seawater, sea plants and seaweed have a perfect affinity with the skin which means they offer immediate results while still being very gentle on the skin. Oligomer is made from freeze dried, salt reduced seawater and is so beneficial because it contains around 104 different trace elements that are vital for our overall health and wellbeing. We need these trace elements to keep us healthy and full of energy but Oligomer also strengthens the skin and acts as a carrier substance for the other ingredients used in our topical products, helping to transport them deeper into the skin.

Which Phytomer products will help people to recreate a spa-like experience at home?

A bath treatment is the perfect place to start. The Oligomer Essential Minerals Relaxing Bath is ideal as it has all the benefits of Oligomer (rebalancing, re-energising and relaxing) but it also produces a satisfyingly bubbly foam and also has a fresh fragrance. After that you could use the Oligomer Invigorating Moisturising Shower Cream to cleanse the skin or the Seaweed Soap, which contains seaweed particles to effectively exfoliate the body. After your bath you should definitely moisturise the skin, try the Oligomer Strengthening Moisturising Body Cream which hydrates the skin and maintains the same fresh fragrance of the bubble bath.

Phytomer also offer a selection of supplements but how important is nutrition and supplementation when it comes to skin health?

It’s very important. If your diet is lacking in nutrition then it will show in your skin, however well you treat the outside. Our Normapure Supplement is the perfect way to detox dull skins and it also helps anyone who is suffering from frequent breakouts. It is just a two week course so it is very easy to stick to.

 If you had to pick 3 Phytomer products, which ones would you choose and why?

The Oligomer Pure Seawater Bath will always be my first go-to product. It’s perfect if you are feeling tired, run down or a little under the weather as it gives you an instant pick-me-up, I love it! My second product would have to be the HydraSea Ultra Moisturising Polarised Water Serum. It gets to work really quickly and hydrates the skin deep down regardless of age or skin type. Just use one pump underneath your moisturiser day and night to see the results. Finally I would have to pick the Vegetal Exfoliant. It’s an enzymatic peel that gets to work in just five minutes and gives you noticeably smoother, brighter skin. It is suitable for all ages and skin types, and it doesn’t contain any granules so it is good for sensitive skins too. I use it twice a week and it is so gentle it can also be used over the lips.

Finally, what exciting things can we expect from Phytomer in the future?

We are always offering new products throughout the year to keep the brand interesting and innovative for our customers but we are planning to expand the XMF range later this year, so watch this space! We also have a new facial oil and a firming moisturiser planned for release later this year too.

You can shop all the Phytomer products mentioned in this post here.

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