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A Quick and Easy Skin Care Routine for Men


It isn’t easy to get a man to commit to a proper skin care routine but with this simple step-by-step guide, he can get his skin looking supple and smooth in just ten minutes a day. The products mentioned here have been kept to the absolute minimum in order to save time in the bathroom but there are some optional extras to address any other issues that might arise.

Everyday Essentials

Step One (AM/PM) – Cleansing is one of the most important steps in your skin care routine as it not only removes excess sebum and impurities from the surface but it also helps to revive tired skin and properly prepare it for the rest of the products in your routine.

If you suffer with oily or acne-prone skin, try a gel cleanser for a deep clean or if dryness is more your concern, opt for a cream or lotion cleanser to soften hard skin. If you shave regularly then try a cleanser that contains AHAs to gently resurface the skin and prevent ingrown hairs.

Step Two (AM/PM) – After cleansing it is important to rebalance and hydrate the skin, especially after shaving. A quick spritz of a refreshing toner takes mere seconds but injects a huge hit of moisture back into the skin or you can go straight in with a serum. Serums are quick and easy to apply, so find one that addresses the areas that concern you the most whether that be blemishes, uneven pigmentation or wrinkles.

Step Three (AM/PM) – Now you can get to the good stuff and slather on a moisturiser to hydrate and protect the skin. The thicker and creamier the formula the better for dry, sun damaged skin but stick to lightweight gels or lotions that mattify the skin for oilier complexions.

In the morning use one that contains an SPF if possible, to protect against premature ageing, or apply a separate sunscreen afterwards. In the evening it is better to use a moisturiser that doesn’t contain an SPF but if you apply this product separately then you can use the same moisturiser in the evening.


Facial Exfoliator (PM) – Male skin can be quite thick and tough so regular exfoliation will keep your complexion smooth, which helps make shaving much easier. Chemical exfoliators are kinder to the skin’s underlying structure but a gentle physical exfoliating scrub can also be beneficial if used sparingly. Use no more than three times a week in the evening for best results and always follow with a moisturiser.

Face Mask (PM) – A treatment mask is perfect if you have a spare ten minutes to yourself and can help solve a multitude of complexion problems. Soothing masks can calm post-shave inflammation, clay masks can minimise breakouts and brightening masks can correct sun damage without too much effort. Use once or twice a week if you can or every few weeks when your skin needs a boost.

Eye Cream (AM/PM) – Applying an eye cream twice a day is totally optional but if you are starting to see fine lines or prolonged puffiness around the eyes then it might be time to invest in this little skin care extra.

Although this might look like a pretty hefty list, once you get used to applying these products as part of your daily routine you will start to enjoy the process of taking care of your skin more and more as well as the results that you achieve.

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