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7 Benefits of Using Facial Cleansing Cloths

Looking for a quick update to your skin care routine, one that won’t require an investment in expensive products or tedious practices? Here are seven ways introducing facial cleansing cloths into your routine will change your life (or your skin at least!)…

#1 They Remove Make-up More Thoroughly

Never feel like your face is clean after cleansing? Then you need to start using a facial cleansing cloth, especially in the evening. Whether you opt for a soft flannel or a slightly abrasive muslin cloth, massaging in your cleanser and removing it with a cloth will effectively lift away make-up more successfully than just using your hands and water.

#2 They Mildly Exfoliate the Skin

Cleansing cloths, whatever their texture, lightly buff away the top layer of dead cells without irritating the skin which makes them ideal for daily exfoliation (usually a no-no with other products). To increase the buffing powers of your chosen face cloth, use circular motions to remove your cleanser.

#3 They Make Cleansing the Skin Quick and Easy

If you dread starting your evening skin care routine because it takes far longer than you would like it to then introducing a muslin cloth as part of the cleansing step will make this practice much swifter. Remember to wet it first (in warm water ideally) and place it over your face, gently pressing into key areas such as the cheeks, chin and around the eyes, before lightly massaging the cleanser into the skin. This will dissolve any surface debris effortlessly; just follow with a splash of water to finish.

#4 They Leave the Skin Properly Clean

Not only do cleansing cloths remove make-up more effectively they completely rid the skin of all nasties from excess oils and bacteria to pollution and impurities. They also remove any dead cells that have collected on the surface of the skin, making it easier for any subsequent topical products to penetrate the skin, ultimately giving you better results over a shorter period of time.

#5 They Are Perfect for Sensitive Skin

Flannels and muslin cloths are the perfect addition to your routine, even if you have sensitive skin. They are the perfect exfoliating alternative to scrubs and acids, as they don’t irritate or disrupt the delicate epidermal barrier, and can even be used to soothe skin after cleansing. Just soak them in cold water for a few minutes, squeeze out the excess and place over your face, lightly pressing onto the skin to cool, soothe and reduce inflammation.

#6 They Brighten and Smooth the Skin

The impressive daily exfoliating benefits of using a cleansing cloth have already been discussed in this article but this ability also makes them amazing natural complexion perfectors. By removing dead cells and debris that dulls the skin they create a healthy, glowing complexion without the use of harsh ingredients plus the buffing motion that goes hand-in-hand with their application smoothes any rough texture and softens dry skin.

#7 They Work With Any Type of Cleanser

The final benefit of using facial cleansing cloths is that they can be used alongside any type of cleanser. Whatever formula you prefer to use on your skin, cleansing cloths will complement them perfectly but they have been shown to work particularly well when used with balm, cream and oil cleansers.

To keep your cleansing cloths usable, remember to wash them after every couple of uses and allow them to dry fully after each wash to prevent the growth of bacteria. As they are relatively cheap, it is a good idea to buy in bulk so you are never without.

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