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Blushing Beauty: How To Cover Up Facial Redness

Facial redness and rosacea are common side effects of the menopause and can flare up at any moment. Hormone changes, stress and sun exposure can all contribute to the severity of skin redness but the unpredictability of this condition means you need beauty products that you can rely on.

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As September is Menopause Awareness Month we have some helpful tips, tricks and product recommendations so that no matter how rosy your complexion gets, your skin is always covered.

The first step in any make-up routine is to prime the skin. Most primers are translucent and have no impact on the skin’s colour but if you suffer with rosacea, a tinted primer can double up as a colour corrector. To cancel out redness, primers in green or yellow tones work best as these are opposite red on the colour wheel and therefore neutralise each other. Avoid primers with a heavy consistency as these will just sit on top of the skin and will be visible through your foundation, giving you a greenish glow. A great choice is the ColoreScience Skin Brightening Primer, a lightweight skin correcting primer with a slight yellow tint to neutralise redness and a soft shimmer to add a subtle glow to the skin.

Next is your base product, which will most likely be a foundation as tinted moisturiser won’t give your skin enough coverage. It might be tempting to use a thick, heavy coverage foundation to completely block out every trace of redness on the skin but it is better (and looks more natural) to wear a softer, more lightweight formula that contains a high concentration of pigment. As skin during the menopause is generally more sensitive and prone to inflammation you need a foundation that isn’t going to aggravate or stifle the skin, as this will only make the condition worse. Something like the Image Skincare iConceal Flawless Foundation is perfect. This mineral based foundation covers redness and imperfections for a smooth, even skin tone while still letting the skin breathe for improved skin health. Remember to blend your foundation down your neck too, as the skin here can flare up even more frequently than your face.

If you only experience redness in certain areas of the face then you can stick to your usual foundation and just add concealer where you need it. The most common areas of skin redness are generally around the nose, cheeks and chin, so use a high coverage concealer to erase redness. By just concealing certain areas of the skin, you avoid that ‘caked in make-up’ look and the skin will look more natural. When choosing a shade of concealer, go one shade lighter than your natural skin tone. Any lighter and you will only draw more attention to the areas you are trying to conceal. The gloMinerals gloCamouflage Oil Free concealer provides you with complete coverage in a non-pore clogging formula, so your skin’s health is never compromised. Simply blend the concealer into any areas of redness with either a brush or your fingertips and gradually build up in thin layers for complete coverage.

The final step is using a colour correcting powder to finish the skin and ensure your concealer or foundation stays in place. A translucent powder will work fine at preventing your make-up from fading but one with colour will give you added coverage and also help to neutralise inflammation. Try the gloMinerals gloRedness Relief Powder, a yellow toned, antioxidant-rich loose powder that soothes delicate skin while it covers.

In addition to concealing redness, there are other make-up products to avoid if you want to create flawlessly clear skin. Any inflammation in the skin will look more obvious if you wear make-up shades that have a red undertone on your face. This includes the obvious like red lipstick and the less obvious such as bronzer with a red undertone and bronze eyeshadow shades. Until your skin is looking and feeling healthier, you need to stick to cool neutral colours to balance out the fiery undertones of the skin.

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