Mask Test

  • Meet your mask

1.What do you want a face mask to do?

Please choose the options that are most relevant (max. three)

2.What type of face mask do you prefer to use?

3.How often do you use a face mask?

4.How would you describe the condition of your skin?

5.Do you experience any sensitivity with your skin?

6.What are the biggest skin concerns around your eyes?

Please choose the options that are most relevant (max. three)

7.Are you currently using any products that contain exfoliating acids (AHAs, BHAs or PHAs)?

8.How much would you like to spend on a face mask?

9.Would you like us to recommend a mask from a particular skin care range?

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Please enter any important information that you think we should know before we analyse your answers, for example, if you are pregnant, have any allergies or have recently undergone a cosmetic procedure.

10.Please enter your age and gender

11.Upload an Image (optional)

Please upload a make-up-free close-up picture of your face, taken in natural daylight (if possible).

Uploading a close-up picture of your face can help our analysis of your skin, which may result in better or more appropriate product recommendations. If you do not wish to upload a picture, please click Next.

12.Almost finished

Our Skin Therapists will now analyse the answers you provided and get back to you with some recommendations within three working days. Please enter your details below, if you are not already logged in.

This is not a scientific test. There is no guarantee that the recommendations you receive will be 100% accurate. All recommendations are based on the information provided to us.